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BECI, ‘BECI PC’, in NY State

July 20, 2012

Bailey Engineers & Constructors, Inc. ( (BECI), a professional services company, incorporated in 1989, in PA, has received approval from the NY Dept of State to operate as a Professional Service Company in the State of NY.  It will be known as (dba as) ‘Bailey Engineers & Constructors, Inc. P.C.’ (BECI PC), and will be based in West Monroe, NY.

This approval requires that active registration be maintained by principal owner(s) of the company.  Andrew I Bailey, owner of BECI (‘BECI PC’), is actively registered as a Professional Engineer with the NY State Dept of Education, Office of Professions through Oct. 31, 2014 ( .

Andrew I. Bailey, PE, is the owner and President/Treasurer of BECI (‘BECI PC’).   Other officers, directors, and principles of the company are listed on its website:  (; click: “Professional Staff”).

The company is certified as a DBE with the NY State Dept of Transportation/NYUCP, the PA UCP/Dept of Transportation, Allegheny County Port Authority Transit, Southeastern PA Transit Authority (SEPTA), Allegheny County Sanitation Authority, Pittsburgh Water & Sewer Authority, and other NY and PA agencies receiving federal funds.

The New York Empire State Development/Dept of General Services has also certified the Company as a Minority Business Enterprise;  the PA Dept. of General Services has certified it as a Small Business, and Small Diverse Business; and the City of Pittsburgh School District has certified the Company as an EBE.  Mr. Bailey is responsible for corporate, administration, management, accounting & financial matters, which meets these DBE/MBE/DSB/EBE requirements.

John Franz, Jr., PE (NY et al.), Vice President, will supervise the company’s Construction Inspection Services work for local, state, and federally funded road and highway construction projects in NY.  He will be responsible for field operations,  construction related issues, and construction employment issues. His breadth of experience will also be valuable on construction work in PA.

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